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Welcome to Power Stations Revisited

This is your chance to take a look around some of the power stations that used to dominate the local landscape but no longer exist.

Old power stations were fascinating places to work and had an atmosphere and culture unlike anywhere else. They were full of strange machinery, characters, stories and memories that we hope to capture here before they are gone forever.

This site could take many years to complete. If you have any photos, comments, or information about a power station that you would like to share then please put on your rose-tinted specs and contact us.

We are also happy to link to other websites relating to closed power stations.

If you know the names of any of the people in any of the pictures shown then do let us know and we will add them to the images.

For more information or if you want to share photos or memories please contact info@powerstationsrevisited.org.uk

Donington PS Donington in the snow

Willington Power Station
Willington B

Spondon A
Spondon A